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Your Horse Deserves a 5 Star Crhistmas

Your Horse Deserves a 5 Star Crhistmas

5 Star Pads are made of 100% pure wool with no synthetic materials.  They wick sweat and remove heat from your horse's back! They offer the highest pressure absorpion on the market. Give your horse the gift of a 5 Star Pad for Christmas!

You trust your pony to take care of your most precious cargo, so take care or them with a custom 5 Star Pad!!  Your little one will delight with all of the custom options available to create a special pad just perfect for their best friend! And, as a parent, you can rest assured knowing that your pony's back will be protected allowing your pony to continue teaching generations of little ones how to ride!






Christmas Deadline: Deadline for Standard Pads/Stamped Leathers/Artisan Leathers/Exotic Leathers is December 13th. (Excludes custom cuts/embroidery/hand tooled pads)


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5 Star Experiences

Erica Campbell

I love my 5 Stars! I've used them for several years and they're the only pads I keep in my barn now. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better fitting and constructed wool pad on the market. I have one pad that I've used almost daily for 7 years now and it's still going strong.

Michele Watson

Love the 5 Star Pads, it's the only pad we've used that does not compress down and ensures us our horses are riding in comfort from barrels to trails.

Tammy Johnson

I first decided to purchase a 5 star pad after hearing all of the awesome reviews on it and learning that they have the most virgin wool out of any other saddle pad on the market. I have ordered 3 pads and I am hooked! My horses stay comfortable whether it be during speed events or long trail rides.

Brandy Higdon


The 5 star pad conforms great to my horses back and gives much needed relief on his withers. I love how soft but very durable they are and they are so easy to clean. I had tried other types of felt pads but he was very unhappy and as soon as I put this one on he's very comfortable and relaxed.

Mariah Williams

I choose 5 Star pads exclusively because the comfort they provide the horse is unbeatable. I received excellent help from one of your dealers. She made me feel very informed and confident about my decision. The product is unmatched in reliability, performance, and attractiveness.

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